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Day and Night Furnaces
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EC 97-G9MAE Furnace
ET 96-G9MVT Furnace
IIX 96-G9MXT Furnace
DLX 96-G9MXE Furnace
VS 90-C9MPV Furnace
IIS 90-C9MPT Furnace
DLX 90-C9MPD Furnace
PS92-N9MPD Furnace
PS90-DV-N9MP2 Furnace
VS 80-G8MVL Furnace
IIS 80-G8MTL Furnace
XS 80-G8MXL/N Furnace
SXT+ C4A6/8 AC
SX 2600-CXA6 AC
SX 2300-C4A3
NXA6-Air Conditioner
SXT+ C4H7/5 Heat Pump
SX 2500-CXH5 Heat Pump
PGS5-Package Unit
PGD5-Package Unit
Day and Night Package Units
Valley Services is a proud Day and Night Heating and Cooling Products Dealer!
Comfort Every Hour, Every Season.
Welcome to the Valley Services' Day and Night Package Units Comfort Zone.
Day and Night offers a wide range of package and rooftop units to make it easy to find the right one for you!  Package/rooftop units are perfect for businesses and companies that need a heating and cooling solution year-round.  Offering high-efficient and energy-efficient options, Day and Night has the unit that will fit your needs. 

Find the unit for you situation below:


Day and Night Package Units

  • PGS5 Mainline - 15 SEER, Two-Stage Compressor, Variable-Speed Blower, 80% AFUE


  • PGD5 Entry Level - 15 SEER, Two-Stage Compressor, Variable-Speed Blower, 80% AFUE