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Day and Night ET 96 96% High-Efficient Furnace 
with a Variable-Speed ECM Blower Motor and a Two-Stage Gas Valve
Day and Night Heating and Cooling Products
***Qualifies for 2015 Focus On Energy Rebates  ***
The Day and Night® brand came out with the Constant ComfortTM line of furnaces which now range all the way to 97% Efficient down to 80% Efficient. The Day and Night® ET 96/G9MVT furnace is a 96% efficient furnace with a Variable-Speed ECM Blower Motor and a Two-Stage Gas Valve.  The High-Efficient, Variable-Speed ECM Blower Motor increases your SEER rating for your air conditioner while using less electricity while it runs.  The Two-Stage Gas Valve usually operates at the lower heat level and uses less gas unless the temperature drops. 
Day and Night VT 96 96% AFUE Furnaces
Interested in a 16 SEER Air Conditioner?
Consistent Comfort.  Unlike single-stage furnaces-which heat up fast and shut down fast-the Day and Night® Constant Comfort ET 96  delivers efficient heat and overall comfort using its Two-Stage Gas Valve.  The Variable Speed ECM Blower Motor can run consistently at a a lower speed and operate using much less electricity. 
Quiet and Efficient.  The thermal lined and fully insulated heating cabinet reduces the amount of heat lost and operating noise that escapes.  The sealed blower compartment and ECM Blower Motor reduces the noise as well.
                       Emerson White Rodgers Big Blue Touchscreen Thermostat

 Day and Night VT 96 G9MVT Furnace with a Variable-Speed Blower Motor and a Two-Stage Gas Valve


Oustanding Warranties


10 Year No Hassle Replacement Warranty   Lifetime Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Warranty


10 Year Parts Warranty


Day and Night Gas Furnace ET 96 Warranty Certificate

Product Features

  • 96% AFUE (save up to $250 to $500 per heating season)
  • Efficiency.  Variable-Speed ECM Blower Motor operates more efficiently and increases SEER Rating of AC.
  • Save Money.  The Two-Stage Gas Valve operates at the lower level most of the time for more savings!
  • Safe.  Temperature limit control, reliable Modulating Gas Valve, and induced draft motor all help ensure safe operation.
  • System Control.  Top-of-the-Line electronic controls to help monitor system and allow for faster and easier diagnostics.
  • Quiet.  Thermal Insulated Cabinet and ECM Blower Motor reduce the amount of noise during operation.
  • Reliable.  Direct hot surface ignition features an advanced silicone nitride igniter and in-shot burners.


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