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Office Hours: Monday through Friday 7:45 am - 4 pm
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Regular Price $128

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A Furnace Preventative Maintenance, also called Furnace Cleaning and Furnace Tune-Up, can ensure that your furnace runs at peak efficiency and can also prevent larger, more expensive problems from happening down the road. We check the heat exchanger for cracks, check and lubricate the motors, and do a Carbon Monoxide Test.

We proudly serve the St. Croix Valley in Eastern Minnnesota and Western Wisconsin, including St. Croix County and Pierce County. In Wisconsin, we serve Hudson, River Falls, Prescott, Baldwin, Hammond, Somerset, and New Richmond. In Minnesota, we serve Stillwater, Afton, Lakeland, and Woodbury.



Just a quick note to thank you and your associates at Valley Services for your support. I believe it has been over 10 years that your team has serviced our furnace and air conditioner. We have appreciated the fact that your folks show up when scheduled and are always very cordial. I should add that we are grateful that your charges continue to be reasonable. All the best for the future.

R & B from St. Joseph Township

For more information, read our 16 Point Winter Tune-Up below.
This is a picture of some duct work that our technician pulled out, get your furnace and air conditioner maintained and inspected so you do not have to breathe this dirt, dust, and allergens.
Gas Furnace - 16 point Winter Tune-Up
1. Evaluate condition of filters, replace with filter supplied by client.
2. Clean Flame Sensor.
3. Clean and Inspect Burners.
4. Inspect Heat Exchanger for rust, cracks, and corrosion.
5. Clean and adjust thermostat in furnace
6. Clean and inspect Blower motor, wheel, and housing.
7. Clean and Inspect Draft Inducer Motor, wheel, and housing.
8. Test and adjust safety and operating controls, pressure switches and relays.
9. Clean and adjust pilot (ignition) assembly.
10. Inspect flue pipe and draft assembly (the PVC piping for venting carbon monoxide).
11. Test and tighten all wiring connections.
12. Test gas valve operation, adjust gas pressure if necessary.
13. Re-inspect heat exchanger for cracks or holes (with probe).
14. Adjust burner for maximum efficiency.
15. Test temperature rise (record temperature at supply registers).
16. Carbon monoxide test.
17. Check thermostat and confirm proper operation.
18. Clean up area to customer satisfaction.