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Air Conditioner Tune-Up and Preventative Maintenance
(includes Condenser Coil Cleaning)


The Air Conditioner Maintenance, also commonly called Air Conditioner Tune-Up and Air Conditioner Cleaning, is important for peak efficiency and cooling. Here at Valley Services, our main concern for our customers is saving them money. Scheduling annual maintenances for your air conditioner is just as important as your Furnace Tune-Ups.

Finding and repairing a refrigerant leak during a tune-up will not cost you nearly as much as a ruined compressor because of pressure issues and chemical leaks.

For a detailed list of your Air Conditioner Maintenance, read our 30 Point Summer Tune-Up below.

Air Conditioner Maintenance - 30 point Summer Tune-Up
1.   Check operation of furnace and air conditioner.
2.   Check and clean thermostat. Calibrate thermostat (if necessary).
3.   Perform a visual inspection of the indoor unit.  Look for rust, dirt, loose panels, and advise the customer about any flammable 
materials being stored near unit.
4.   Shut down the humidifier for summer (if applicable).
5.   Check the blower assembly.  Look for rust or filings from wear, make sure the wires are in good shape and properly attached, and ensure that the entire assembly is secured tight.
6.   Check and clean the motors and fan (oil as necessary).
7.   Check the evaporator coil.  Look for oil stains, rust, or debris in the pan, and check the fin condition.
8.   Record the unit's total static pressure.
9.   Check and flush the condensate line.
10.  Check the condensate pump (if applicable).
11.  Perform a visual inspection of the outdoor unit.  Clear out debris, leaves, and rodents.  Make sure that the panels are secure, check for rust or deterioration, replace missing screws.
12.  Check the outdoor disconnect box.  Look for burnt wires or connections, bees, bugs, nests, and rust.
13.  Check the condenser coil and spray clean with special cleaning solution.  Rinse with water to remove last of dirt and debris.
14.  Check refrigerant connections. Look for oil stains, or kinks in the lines.  Make sure the caps are in good condition.
15.  Inspect all wiring and controls for wear and tightness.
16.  Check and inspect the compressor contactor.
17.  Check relays.  Are they functioning? Are there any indications of burnt connectors, bulging, or distortion?
18.  Check the compressor.
19.  Check the capacitors.
20.  Check the start assist device (if applicable).
21.  Check the pressure switches (test).
22.  Check the time delay relay.
23.  Check the circuit boards.
24.  Check the fan blades for cracks.
25.  Clean the outdoor unit with solution. Rinse with water.
26.  Check the voltage or amp draw.
27.  Check the operating pressures, superheat, and subcooling.
28.  Check the temperature drop across the evaporator coil.
29.  Check the operation sequence.
30.  Clean up area to customer satisfaction.