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Furnace and Air Conditioner
Monthly/Yearly Checklist


  • Replace filters monthly. If dirty or clogged, replace with a filter that is the same size.
  • To change filter, open up the return air panel, usually it is near the “boot” that connects from the ceiling to the side of your furnace.
  • Or look for your “Filter Rack”, probably located on left side of furnace.
  • Pull out the old filter to inspect. If dirty, replace with new filter.If it has been over a month, replace it, because it could have dust or sheet rock dust in it that looks clean.
  • Important! Make sure arrow is pointing the direction of the airflow, otherwise it will restrict air flow and cause problems for your furnace.

Biannually (or more)

  • Check intake and exhaust to make sure it is free of debris, ej. Bird nest, bugs, ice in the winter, leaves, etc.
  • You probably want to check it in October and then sometime again throughout the winter.

September or October

  • Get your Fall Furnace Maintenance (a 16 Point Tune-Up), call Valley Services for Specials.
  • Can prevent problems or at least find them before winter starts.
  • Inspects heat exchanger for Carbon monoxide leaks for your safety!


February or March

  • End-of-Winter Furnace Maintenance (16-point Tune-Up), Clean blower motor, lubricate parts, checks heat exchanger for cracks that leak Carbon Monoxide.

April, May, or June

  • Get your Air Conditioner maintained (15 point summer tune-up!)Set up appointment in April or May for your pick of times.
  • We check pressures and temperatures, lubricate moving parts, measure refrigerant…and more!