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Hot Water Gas Boiler Tune-Up

and Preventative Maintenance

Regular Cost:  $125.00+tax

Special Cost:   $95.00+tax

​​Gas boiler Preventative Maintenance, also Boiler Tune-Up or a Boiler Cleaning, is important for the efficient functioning of your boiler. We can find problems before the winter begins and we can prevent the hassle of having to call us for an Overtime Call.


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1. Visual inspection of unit. Check wear and tear, loose parts, etc.
2. Check thermostat and make adjustments where necessary
3. Test flue damper operation
4. Check/adjust temp and pressure settings
5. Test safety controls
6. Remove rust and soot and clean and adjust burners and 
7. Clean and adjust ignition assembly or OHM igniter
8. Check micro amp signal from flame sensor
9. Adjust gas/air mixture for optimum efficiency 
10. Lubricate motor bearings
11. Clean condensate trap if high efficiency boiler
12. Check Carbon Monoxide (CO) level of exhaust
13. Check and tighten all exhaust pipe connections
14. Check all gas connections located in unit
15. Adjust gas/pilot pressure
16. Inspect and clean heat exchanger thoroughly
17. Check electrical wiring and tighten all electrical connections
18. Cycle unit and make adjustments accordingly