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Ask someone who heats their home with hot water heat and they will not understand why you would have "hot and cold spots" because they do not have to deal with that issue. No drafts, no "spots", just efficient, hydronic heat.

Also, because hydronic heat gently heats the various surfaces within a room (not merely the air) heat loss through walls, windows, doors, and ceilings is almost non-existent, therefore you burn less fuel! With correctly zoned sections of the home, easily control your comfort level in various parts of your home.

Sick of being forced into using forced air to heat and cool your home?

Sick of "hot and cold spots" throughout your home?

Heating with a hot water boiler, also called radiant heat or hydronic heat, can be much healthier that forced air as well. You are not constantly blowing dust, pet hair and dander, and allergens around your home.

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