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What We Do:

Valley wants our customers to understand the duct cleaning process.
So here is the step-by-step process:
(before we begin we check furnace operation)

1. We start with the Roto-Vision®Video Inspection (if desired). We inspect your ducts and show you with a 10" Color LCD Screen what your ducts look like.
2. We help you decide what duct cleaning package is best for you.
3. We remove grilles and registers and begin the cleaning process. We work our way through the duct work all the way back toward the furnace/air handler.
4. We clean the inside of the furnace and check the filter.
5. We turn on the furnace fan and begin the Anti-Microbial Fogger process to clean out the last of the dust.
6. Replace the grilles and registers and check the furnace operation and the return air filter. 

RotoBrush® Whole-House Duct Cleaning

Need your ducts cleaned? sick of the national companies charging you for work you didn't ask for?  With Valley Services Whole-House Duct Cleaning Service, we make sure you are aware of our flat-rate cost before we begin.

Dust, insects, allergens, and other particles are some of the objects that are inside your ductwork and can be circulated through your home.  While changing your furnace filter and yearly Gas Furnace Tune-Ups are a must, whole-house duct cleaning should not be overlooked!

RotoBrush® Duct Cleaning
Valley uses RotoBrush Duct Cleaning equipment.  RotoBrush offers top-of-the-line equipment and training at a competitive price which allows us to perform the service at a low; that means more value!

The Valley Services 360 Degree Guarantee:

We will not leave your home until we ensure that you furnace is working as efficiently (or better) than when we arrived.

Feel free to ask our professional technicians air quality questions or anything related to your furnace, air conditioner, or ductwork.


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