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Whole-House Humidifiers

Why use a whole-house humidifier?
Protect your family and your home from the unhealthy and damaging effects of over-dry air.
Dry nose, cracked and itchy skin, sore throats, static shocks, splitting or cracked wood floors, trim, and molding are all effects of dry air.  Why go through another heating season with all these uncomfortable issues for you and your family.
Adding humidity to the air makes you feel warmer, meaning that you can keep your thermostat set at a lower temperature which saves you money!  The EPA states that you can save up to 4% on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat.  Daily activities such as showering, cooking, and laundry do not produce enough moisture to keep your air from being too dry. 
How do humidifiers work?

The whole-house bypass humidifier is installed on your existing heating and cooling system.  Humidity is added to the air as water vapor which prevents minerals from entering the air in your home and potentially your lungs.  Water is supplied to the distribution tray which then evenly spreads over the humidifier pad/aprilaire water panel.  The humidified air is then circulated through your heating and cooling ductwork to your entire home.

What can happen if you have over-dry air in your home?

Irritation and Discomfort
When you heat your home without a humidifier, it dries your home significantly.  This can lead to dry and itch skin, annoying static shocks, and being "too cold" at normal temperatures.

Unhealthy Air
Viruses thrive in low humidity conditions and can actually increase the likelihood of getting colds, flus, and other upper respiratory ailments.  An overly dry an environment increases chances of infections.

Home Damage
Dry air can also hurt your home as well.  It can cause cracks in walls and ceilings and wood floors and trim to separate.

Higher Energy Costs
Dry air takes moisture from your skin which makes you feel colder.  If you humidify your air, you will feel warmer and more comfortable at lower temperatures.